I learned this technique from my work with the Living School and Reshad Feild. It is a remarkable tool for energetically cleaning a room. We use this in our teacher training programs and before all the workshops I teach. The students, even beginners, can notice the difference when the cleaning is done. If you follow the instructions and do your best to honor the process, you will end up with a wonderful space to meditate, work, live or just enjoy. Special situations where the spiritual room cleaning is most effective. To clear the energy from previous people using the same room. Emotional outbursts both verbal and by action can be cleared with this technique. After a serious illness, disease or death. Moving to a new house or office. If you think this room cleaning technique might work, give it a try and discover for yourself the positive effect.

NOTE: For best results, read through all the instructions before beginning. This process can be done by an individual or a small group.

1. Cleaning group (or individual) tune in together and visualizes the starting time and the time when you will finish.

2. Warm (not hot) water in a bucket, add only 2-3 drops of pure rose oil (10%) and nothing else. Recommend Turkish Rose Oil from Primavera. Rose oil from Bulgaria is also excellent quality. Many products look and sound similar.

3. A clean cloth to wrap over a flat-headed mop. The cloth is dipped into the bucket of warm water with the rose oil. Squeeze out excess water so cloth is damp, but not dripping.

4. Start with the walls. Walls are done from the top down, breathing as you move the mop head. Just like in yoga, you exhale as you sweep down.

5. Move around the room in a clockwise direction keeping attention to overlap a little so walls are completely covered. If working with a team, each person would start at a different position in the room. Just keep track of where each person starts and stops. If the walls are too high to reach the top with your mop, use your imagination. It works as long as you keep attention to your breath.

6. The ceiling can be done in long sweeps and with deep breathing.

7. A slightly wet mop is used on the floor.

8. Pay special attention to all openings; windows, doors, and other breaks in the flat surfaces.

9. It is NOT necessary to actually touch the surface to clean it. The combination of the rose water, the breath, and the intention will get the job done. When done right, you will see the water become dirty even when you don’t touch the walls and other surfaces.

10. A clean hand towel dipped in clean warm rose water can be used for all irregular surfaces like; window sills, tables, chairs, radiators, etc. Keep attention to your breathing through the whole process.

11. When all the surfaces are done with the rose cleaning, next comes the purification by fire.

12. A small cheap non-stick pan works best. About 5€ at IKEA. First put in Epson salt, or the German equivalent, bitter salt. On top of the pile of salt, you add a small amount of the herb, herba rutae. Also known as Gartenraute. This works on more energy levels than sage. Finally, plain alcohol is applied. Simply pour some in the middle of the pile until you see the liquid run out the side of the salt pile. Best to start with less than you think you might need. Over time, it will become easier to estimate the proportion.  Note: Get salt from the garden shop, not the Apotheke. Then you don’t worry about using too much. One or two full handfuls of the salt will cover most of the pan bottom. Salt should form a mound with the highest part in the center. Then add about 2 – 4 teaspoons the herb (this is also not expensive) put in the middle of the salt and pushed down a bit. Then the alcohol is poured on the center. Let it soak through and run out a little at the edges of the salt. That will do nicely. Be careful with fire.

13. Again keeping attention to the breath, and with full intention and attention, walk around the edge of the room in a clockwise manner. All openings (windows, doors, etc.) require special care as these are the places where the energy can leak in or out.

14. I like to end with the fire in the middle of the room and face each of the 4 directions, one at a time. You can also include up and down making a total of 6 directions.

15. Finally, the group meets together and visualizes the time acknowledging the completion. Ideally, you end at the time you visualized at the start. It takes practice.

16. The cleaning can be done at home, yoga space, office, workshop space, church, or any space you wish. Repeat as needed. Can be done daily.

17. Enjoy your clean, open space. Please share this technique with others.

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