My daughter and her family recently moved to New Mexico from California. Less traffic, more nature but some limited options, like no inspiring school for my granddaughter. She found the new school to not challenge her enough to enjoy learning. Together they became discovered a school to match her needs, but there was a long list of potential students and only a few would be chosen by raffle. I suggested to my granddaughter to make a vision board with my guidance to increase her chances.

The vision board process is based on what you want to achieve. The success of a vision board is the focus on what you feel, based on your needs. I offered some suggestions to guide her in choosing images, words, colors and putting them all together. She did a great job with her first vision board. After a month, I heard she was chosen to attend this new progressive school. The vision board worked.

I originally learned about creating collages (before the name vision board was adopted) while attending a seminar in 1985. We prepared a list of goals to achieve greater meaning and success in our life. After dozens of goals were written down, we then began a process of determining the top ten goals. We then made a collage for each goal on an A4 page (letter size) and placed them into a notebook for regular review. 

At home, I placed the notebook in my closet where it lived undisturbed. After five years I began looking through the pages. I was shocked to discover I had already received nine of the ten goals. The tenth goal took a few more years but was complete. I took time to consider how this happened, what the inner secrets of this success were about, and how I can reproduce this type of success with other topics and goals. Over more than twenty years I practiced and learned the details of collage-making by involving the students in all my teacher training programs.

The concept is proven simple and effective. Begin with a question, like, “How can I discover a new home to fill my needs?” The question can be about business choices, relationship needs, health needs, couple needs, or anything you feel drawn to manifest. It helps to keep the question focused on feelings, not thoughts, and to keep those feelings part of the process of creating the vision board.

Guidelines to making your vision board

1. Write down your question and be aware of the emotions connected with getting what you want.

2. The longest part is the gathering of the material you will glue onto the blank paper. I use old magazines, ripping out pages to process later. Keep attention to the feelings you want from manifesting your goal while you gather the material. Quickly rip out the pages with photos, drawings, words, colors, patterns, or ???. This process typically takes 30-60 minutes.

3. Then going through the pile of pages, begin to cut or tear away what is not needed. To attach everything, I like a page size of 60×85 cm (24×30 inches), making it two layers thick. This prevents markers from bleeding through and works great when the finished collage is hung on a wall. 

4. A glue stick works fine for most items. If you are using things like buttons, beads, or 3D objects, a glue gun does an excellent job. The items can overlap, stick off the edge of the paper, and fill most of the page. Written words, drawings, or symbols can be added by hand using markers. I like when the page is completely covered. 

5. Important to act impulsive, intuitive, and feeling what you want to achieve. A vision board can be complete in an hour or days. If two people work on one collage together, the process can take a week. Completing the process in one day has the best outcome. 

6. A final step is to attach the vision board on a wall to see, review and enjoy each day. This helps tremendously to establish the roots to grow your dreams into reality. 

Important: Recently I guided a student to focus on how the job they wanted was limited by her thoughts. The universe is vast and unlimited, so best if we keep ourselves and our vision, vast and unlimited by linking to our feelings and needs.

Example: Last year, Amanjot and I needing a new place to live, creating a vision board. Many times we have discussed what feelings we desire for a home. The vision board would include these feelings through the use of photos, words, drawings, and more. We made a basic collage and over the next week, we added pieces as we felt inspired. We ended up in a place that matched those feelings we wanted in a home. 

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