Until my late 30’s, I did not have hay fever. It began when living in New Mexico. Being a vegetarian, a practicing yogi, healthy, and doing regular exercise, the symptoms of hay fever came as a surprise. Research does not know how this is triggered and most remedies cause unpleasant side effects and do a poor job of stopping the body’s reactions.

Also known as Allergic rhinitis, it is most common in the spring with sneezing, coughing, runny nose, blocked nose, or itchy eyes. Besides grasses growing in the spring, reactions can also be triggered from trees and at different times of the year. I was miserable for 1-3 months a year. I had similar reactions to smoke and dust which could happen anytime in any location. Knowing the pollen reached me through the air, I tried staying indoors. I tried over-the-counter medication. I even had a homeopathic solution injected directly into my nasal passages. Nothing worked.

A few years ago I discovered a homeopathic remedy to take orally. The first year it helped, but the second year it hardly did anything. I got the idea to not wait until I got the symptoms, but to take one every day throughout the year. This was a huge help. I had only a few days of a runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing. After three years of this simple technique, I needed to upgrade what I do since the homeopathic remedy is less available.

With a new supplement and consistent health practices, I feel better than I have in more than 30 years in dealing with hay fever. I cannot guarantee this will work for you, but all the recommendations are helpful for upgrading your health and enjoyment of life.

Here is the list of guaranteed healthy actions to take, that have a high probability of reducing and eliminating reactions to seasonal allergies. Inflammation in the body and a weak immune system both contribute to hay fever symptoms. I include suggestions to reduce inflammation and strengthen your immune system. For a detailed booklet, use this link. A donation is welcomed to support producing more useful material. Available in both English and German.  Immune System Booklet 

  1. Ester-C: this is a special time-released formula of Vitamin C. I take 500 mg twice a day with my meals.
  2. Brush the monkey glands: using a toothbrush, brush the very back of where your tongue connects causing a gagging sensation. This helps to remove mucus.
  3. Ishnaan: the cold water therapy. areas of focus include the stomach (where mucus is produced), upper chest (to reduce coughing), and your sinuses (to reduce sneezing). Link to download a pdf with details of this technique: https://tinyurl.com/b7aasuu4
  4. Gluten: reduce or eliminate all wheat products with gluten.
  5. Lactose: reduce or eliminate all products made from cow milk. Goat milk products are okay for most people.
  6. Sugar: reduce as much as you can. Sugars found in most processed foods are known to increase body fat and can lead to diabetes. Stevia is not a recommended alternative. Coconut blossom sugar also called coconut palm sugar, has very neutral effects on the body with a low glycemic index. Better to eliminate as much sugar as you can.
  7. Sunlight: a natural source of Vitamin C and a general boost to all body systems. 10-30 minutes a day is enough for powerful healing potential.
  8. Mattress: a firm mattress helps promote the body’s healing.
  9. Immune drink:  https://www.yogiblog.me/life/recipes/immune-system-tea/

One more recommendation is eye drops. Even with all the positive effects of the above suggestions, I do sometimes feel the effect in my eyes. I use homeopathic eye drops. They are even useful in other environments like the dry air on an airplane. Here is a link to one I found on Amazon. Homeopathic Allergy Eye Drops

I recommend homeopathic tablets and eye drops as they rarely have side effects.

As with any natural remedies, the relief is not immediate. It takes time to strengthen the body systems that will help manage the pollen and other things that cause allergic reactions.

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