Here is a list of natural things you can do to heal yourself. Links will take you to details.

Immune System Booklet – get the booklet with healing topics connected to exercise, diet, sleep, meditation, stretching, and much more.

Tooth Pain – this simple technique has worked more than 90%. Place thin sliced fresh ginger between the teeth and gums where the infection causes pain. Sleep with the ginger in place. If this does not heal the infection after 2-3 nights, suggest you visit your dentist. Note: most infections are the result of some food pieces stuck in the gums. A dental inter-brush can help. A Waterpik can also help to flush out the stuck food.

Back Pain – stretches those taught in restorative Yin Yoga, can be very helpful. Online classes can be found at  Download a PDF with three simple stretches. These can be done while sitting at your desk.

Sore Muscles – a hot shower or sauna can help relax the muscles. In the morning, recommend Ishnaan. Focus on the muscles you want to help heal. Download a PDF with instructions.   Apply arnica gel/cream on the sore area. Here is a suggested gel product.  I find gel absorbs easier than creme. For the maximum results, picture healing white light coming from your fingertips as you apply the arnica.

Sore Throat – the sore glands in the neck are typically the first sign of a cold or flu. Drink freshly squeezed citrus juice mixed with water. For a great immune drink with citrus check out this recipe –   Brushing the monkey glands helps to flush out the bacteria. See item #2 at

Excess Mucus – your body can heal if you reduce mucus-producing foods. Top foods to eliminate include, milk products (especially cheese), fried foods, processed foods, and sugars. Breathing around trees for fresh air. A Neti Pot is an excellent daily practice to reduce mucus.

Lack of energy/feeling tired – this is often a result of a weak liver. Remember your liver is affected by stress, anger, poor diet, sleeplessness, and frustration. Learn the best exercise for the liver, and do it when you get up, and before you go to sleep.

Joint Pain & Injuries – stretch the area, massage the area, ice the area, or use a TENS device. These devices are available online and from many stores. Here is an affordable product and easy to program. I have made some wonderful experiences to help heal ankle injuries, strained shoulder blades, twisted knees, and more.

Important:  There are many different options connected with the above-mentioned health issues. These healing ideas are simple remedies and are not guaranteed. Taking responsibility for your health is a learning process. I have experienced all the mentioned techniques over many years with personal success.

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