Self-awareness is a great gift. It is available to all, but most of us do not receive the blessing. Partly because we do not see it as a blessing. More awareness means we see and feel and understand more. More joy, but also more pain. More beauty and more ugliness. More hope and more despair. This is the nature of the world. It is always in the state of balance or coming into balance. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have no darkness? That means only light. You can experience this at the top of the world where the sun does not set for 6 months at a time. Yes, it is very cold there, but it will not be dark. This does not sound interesting to me. Not the lack of darkness or the lack of warmth.

Our feelings are what make us human. Judging those feeling is what makes us miserable. Being neutral to those feelings is freedom. This means we see the darkness and we see the light and we accept both as part of the whole. Like the symbol for Yin Yang with the two swirling shapes, one black, one white, that make one circle. Yes, each contains a seed of the other.

Every moment of life is a sacrifice. If we choose to eat pasta, then we are not choosing to eat peanuts at that moment. Simply put, every yes contains a no. Yes to one thing means no to another thing. To accept this is intelligence. To understand this is wisdom. To live this is divine. Yogis also have doubts about who they are. Until we gain enough wisdom, we use a simple affirmation (mantra) to carry us down the road of self-awareness. These simple words can be used in a melody, monotone or in any way you like. For extra oomph(effect) accent the pronunciation as indicated. First with the accent on the second word ‘AM’ and in the second repetition, accent on the first word ‘I’. Repeat until properly cooked.

AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.

AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.   i AM.  I am.

Repeating this affirmation for 5 minutes will bring you into an enlightened state – a little. After 11 minutes you may not want to stop. After 31 minutes your body will be vibrating and after 2.5 hours, you will have activated every cell in your body. Don’t take my word for this, make your own experience.

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