Is it just me or have you also noticed the confusion around what year it is and sometimes forgetting what year we are in? And then the loss of our natural rhythm with the hideous daylight savings time imposed on us. Yes, I am complaining a bit. But only to illustrate a point. Do I like the imposed time change? NO! Does it create confusion? YES! Can I adapt to a new natural rhythm? Now that is a good question. When I travel and cross time zones there is a normal shift that takes place. It is a well-known phenomenon especially when you lose time by traveling east. I find as I get older, it takes me longer to adjust to the time shifts.

Some spiritual teachers have commented on the inability of our soul to travel more than 6 mph. This is a moderate pace for walking. It is even suggested that with fast walking we lose (a little) connection with our soul. Yet we are all traveling in cars, trains, and bicycles daily. Is it any wonder that we feel disconnected? What to do? We could all go slower, walk to work and avoid airplanes. But that is not going to happen.

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