I appreciate riding the trains in Germany. They take me over Europe to teach and all over Frankfurt on business and pleasure. It was late summer 1996 and the air was chilly and everyone was wearing light coats. I was on my way to the computer store to have them fix my sick computer for the sixth or seventh time.  They really were very nice, and keep at it without any complaining. They did a great job seeing the repairs all the way to completion. However, on this day I was taking my computer in for a look-see. 

I was riding the S-5 to Rödelheim from Frankfurt city center. The train begins underground and then emerges into the daylight to continue the journey. After a few stops, an old German woman got on and sat across from me. It seemed that she must live on a farm or in a rural setting. She was dressed in a neat manner but all her clothes were old and showed signs of wear. I could see the fabric on her dress worn with age. The seams of her leather bag smooth from countless years of carrying it around. She was wearing those rubber boots I have seen in photos of Russian women picking potatoes. She had a scarf on her head and held tightly to the two bags in one hand and a  leather handbag in the other. 

Her face looked tired, almost numb from life. Some of her teeth may have been missing as her mouth came in a bit. Her cheeks were full and round with a hint of color still in them. Except for the description of her outer appearance, she did not seem interesting, and one might imagine a boring life. I often remembered to look deeper. Beyond the exterior and ‘see’  and ‘feel’ what is inside. I have learned that looks are indeed deceiving. With permission (from my guides) I spoke to her, on the upstairs phone. One might call this ESP or mind control or other such nonsense. It is really quite simple and I ask the reader to accept these words unless they have proof to the contrary. Simply it might be described as soul talk. Not limited by our finite self. 

I spoke to her on the upstairs phone. I said hello and asked if she was alone in her life. She replied she was alone since her husband died. She did not seem surprised as she probably spends a lot of time in the inner world, as the outer interests her so little. She answered she often felt lonely and missed him.  Turning to her, her husband and the situation (inwardly), I felt her husband reaching out to speak. From this connection, I said that although her husband did not say it to her, he did love her very much. And that he was fine and wanted her to enjoy the money he worked hard for. He also said that he was looking forward to being with her when she leaves this earthly body. Now all this takes some imagination and certainly some faith, but what came next needs no proof.  

As I looked up at her face, after these words exchanged on the upstairs phone, first one tear began to flow from her right eye. Slowly, gently and with such beauty. She did not move. Then another tear formed in the right eye and began to flow down her cheek. The left eye also started to fill with water. I often have conversations with people on the upstairs phone, but not those sitting across from me on the S-Bahn. I was a little shocked at the display of warmth, tenderness, and beauty. She did not look at me, but with the movement of a young girl, brushed her cheek with her hand. I was so moved that it was all I could do to not begin crying myself. But that would have been rude. We never made eye contact. It was not necessary. 

As with many of life’s journeys, the train was stopping. She quietly lifted herself and her things and left. I carry a piece of who she is and the moment we shared. It was a gift, for which I am grateful.  What do you imagine it takes to love someone? The answer is usually simpler than you would think since it is beyond thought.

Note: I know much of this story sounds crazy or even delusional. In general, I would agree, but in this case, the tears matched the dialog so closely as to leave no doubt in my mind it all did happen just as I explained. I do not ask you to accept what I say as truth, but I would challenge you to discover for yourself if there is such a thing as, the upstairs phone.

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