Okay, this may seem like a strange blog, and perhaps it is. There is an undeniable attraction and fascination with famous people. Underneath I believe it is our desire to recognize our own greatness, so we project this onto others. These experiences helped me better understand myself. Which seems to be the best reason for any relationship, no matter how short the encounter. By relating to another person, we show them something of who we are, and with some grace, we get to see our reflection in them. I call this the ‘mirror of the heart’. In another blog, I will share some of my experiences with Yogi Bhajan and Reshad Feild, both of whom had a huge impact on my true self.

Robert Redford was staying at a private house managed by Bishops Lodge in Santa Fe. He was there with his girlfriend who was the designer on his last film, Havana. (the movie did not do well). She needed to catch a plane and I was to drive her to the airport. But she was running late and the timing would be tight. At the time I was working for a local tour company that also did transfers. I drove to the house and was greeted by Robert who informed me his ‘friend’ (he was still officially married) would be right out. He gave me that look, like from the film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, where he often looked the same way at his co-start, Paul Newman. He asked me if I would get his friend to the airport on time to catch her flight. I said it was a holiday, there would be a lot of traffic, but I will get her there. As if he could look inside me, he said he believed me. We shook hands and I drove as fast as I could safely get us to the airport. I did manage to get her to the terminal with enough time.

I received a call from the personal assistant to Melanie Griffin, who as the time was married to Don Johnson. She was in town filming a movie and wanted to keep up with her yoga practice, with some help. They had called another teacher who was not available to do private yoga lessons and they recommend me. The yoga teachers in Santa Fe were an organized group, supporting each other, so it was not so strange that another teacher recommended me. I remember when the assistant asked me what my rate was. I quickly multiplied my hourly rate by three knowing the pricing in California was much higher. He easily agreed. I believe I could have asked for five times my regular rate. Melanie was filming a western with two other women co-stars. It was both strange and interesting. The PA joined in the class so it was the three of us doing yoga together in the living room of her rented house. She liked to talk about getting back together with Don. She was not so focused on actually doing yoga. I kept asking her to access her power center when doing the breath of fire and other exercises that required a strong navel. She resisted. I went four times until I guess she wanted another type of yoga experience. The movie did not do very well. A friend who was working on the production said the director complained she did not have enough power/fire.

I am a Star Trek fan. Okay, I said it and I am honestly not embarrassed. During the time the series was airing for the Next Generation I found myself visiting a friend in New York City. It was her birthday and we were invited to Tavern on the Green in Central Park. An amazing place like something from another time. The featured performer was going to sing a composition my friend had written. About halfway through the performance Patrick Stewart came in and sat a few tables away. I was excited. He was performing a one-man show on Broadway and had just finished the evenings’ one-man-show to see this performer. My friend could see my excitement and asked if I would like to meet Patrick. My God, to meet Jean-Luc Picard, the captain of the Enterprise, hell yes I’d like to meet him. She made the arrangements and then on the next break was invited to join the restaurant manager to meet Patrick. I would like to tell you about the great connection we had, but it was not very inspired. I don’t blame Patrick. He just was not interested in meeting me, and it probably did not help that I was mumbling about what a big fan I was. Anyway, it was still great to be in the same room and to feel some of his humanity. He really carries much of the same presence his character portrays in the show. A powerful, confident, intense and purposeful individual.

I have met other famous people and have come to the conclusion I am as valuable as any of them. My job is different. My pay is certainly different. But I believe my worth and value is as great as any famous person. I believe we all need to see our lives as important. As Yogi Bhajan always reminded us, we are divine and noble by birth.

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