Why? Why do so many people have health challenges when eating foods with gluten? The research explains how our thousands of years old genes, the changes in our diets, and environmental influence have contributed to many people reacting to the gluten in bread products, cookies, and other products containing gluten. With this in mind, I decided to cut down on how much gluten I eat to see if it was an improvement. I liked the feeling of eating less gluten. The journey began for great-tasting gluten-free bread and rolls.

We started by ordering the gluten-free bread available at the health food store. These freshly made loaves were okay, but somehow did not truly satisfy our needs. So we brought a bread maker. After reading about making gluten-free bread and watching many videos online, it was time to give it a try. Making your own bread is historic, fun, and hopefully, tasty. After many months and many attempts, we abandoned this approach. You can see from the photo, some of the results. Interesting, but not so exciting we wanted to make more that look like this the one above.

After testing more gluten-free bread and rolls ready-made from the store, we found one that really served our needs. One main purpose of the bread was to serve as the foundation for ginger toast. (click here for the recipe) This one did a great job for this purpose. Over time we have used it for sandwiches, and occasionally, for butter and marmalade. 

Then I met a student who was successful in gluten-free recipes. She sold packaged recipes to large retail stores. She sent me some of her best gluten-free recipes for rolls we can make at home. They tasted okay but tended to not give us the base for our beloved ginger toast. You can see from the photos they look more like cookies than rolls.

Now what? Maybe we get back to making our own gluten-free bread products, but for how, we really appreciate the store-bought version. I can also recommend this to anyone wishing to cut down or reduce the consumption of gluten.

Keep in mind, even gluten-free bread products are carbohydrates, (carbs), and these have limited value for keeping us healthy. Some carbs are fine, too many carbs are not. In the end, eat what is healthy for you, what helps to keep you healthy, and what tastes good.

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