No more meetings was the request I made with God. Most people do not really like going to meetings. Okay, some meetings are okay, but they more often waste time. What makes a good meeting? People come ready to make decisions. Meaning they know what the meeting is about before attending, and there is an agreement on the desired outcome. Yes, there are many variations of this overly simplified sentence, but hopefully, you get the idea.

I found myself wanting to be part of the Santa Fe food Coop. A board of about 10 people would meet monthly to help guide the direction and success of the Coop. To me, this was a great privilege and honor to serve the Coop and the community. So I put myself on the ballot and got elected.

For some reason, the board ended up being only women and me. I did not have a problem, but the women did. In the next election, the women decided to make a new rule. Board members could now receive a negative vote. Meaning every negative vote would be deducted from the votes I received to be a board member. This strange rule gave the women the power to me get off the board.

After this and other experiences in meetings, I really, really, really, did not want to have to attend meetings. So I asked God, with much intensity, to keep me from having to attend meetings. The response came quickly. God agreed I could avoid most meetings if I agreed to one condition. He said I would need to do what He asked of me. I agreed.

Without going into the many details, challenges, and surprises, this agreement has worked out quite well for me. Yes, I do follow the requests from the Creator, but honestly, I have no complaints.

I do attend some meetings by choice. Mostly about the development of individuals into teachers, trainers, and lead trainers. In my capacity as a Level 2 Lead Mentor, I must meet with individuals to help guide their growth. As a mentor, I give my time, energy, wisdom freely. The joy of the process is its own reward.

In another blog, I will present the research on what makes a good meeting. Good refers to a successful outcome.

Photo of Coop now. It is in the same location and half the current members are men.

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