To me, this is a real thing. What is yogi radar? It has something to do with intuition, destiny, need, attraction and trust in the unlimited possibilities available in every moment. One time in a store I wanted to buy an item, but they were out. I was told they could order the item and it would take 5 days. Two days later I was in that part of town on another errand and asked inside my head if they had the item I ordered? I got a yes. So I drove to the store, parked and then discovered they were closed during what was normal business hours. A couple of days later I went back and got the item. Curios I asked about the day the store was closed and if indeed they had the item. They said yes it had arrived early. So I learned that asking the right question is important for yogi radar to work properly. The right question would have been, “Can I get the item I ordered from the store?” Instead of doing they have the item. They did have it, but I could not get it since they were closed. 

After teaching in Köln one weekend, myself, the organizer and a few of the students headed out for dinner in town. There was no specific place in mind but an area known for many good restaurants. Unfortunately, we could not find any place to park the car. After 3 or 4 circles the group was not just hungry but grumpy too. I used my yogi radar to direct the driver down one street and to turn at another. As we pulled onto the street we had not been on before, a car pulls out right in front of us leaving a place for us to park. We headed for a Mexican restaurant just down the block. As we approached with the group of hungry yogis behind me I asked the waiter if they had vegetarian options and was the food good? He said yes to both. We had a delicious meal and the food was indeed quite excellent. 

I use yogi radar often. It is more than intuition and with some practice, you can get good at finding what is needed. Yogi radar can be used for many things in life. A husband can use his radar to know the emotional state of his wife before they meet after a long day apart. A job applicant can tune into the person who will interview them for the job before they have ever met or spoken. When you get good at using yogi radar, you avoid the unnecessary mistakes in your life. Yogi Bhajan tells us a mistake is when you ‘miss’ to take what is needed to be received, or to be responsible for. He plays a lot with English words and phrases. The subject for another blog. 

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