“Why do we chant, pray and meditate?  In our brain there are neurons that have patterns; these patterns form our intelligence, power, courage, and strength.  When we meditate, pray and chant, negative subconscious patterns are released and positive patterns are strengthened.  Life becomes happy, smooth, consistent, cozy, and comfortable.” © The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, June 29, 1988

Meditation is a hot topic. People experience many positive effects of regular practice. There is proven science behind those experiences. To the yogis, this has been known for hundreds of years. But what is the benefit for life? Will meditation help you pay your rent? Will meditation attract the right partner? Will meditation make you healthier? The simple answer is meditation does not do any of these things. Meditation is proven to help you do be more steady, trusting, creative, and relaxed. In these states, your mind will allow for a greater flow of life, prosperity, relationships, and health.

Here are 3 simple breathing meditations that anyone can do: 1.  Concentrate on your breath. Watch the body fill with oxygen and then watch the body empty. Notice what you are sitting on. Gently be aware of your body sensations and thoughts. Still keep attention to your breath. 2. Mentally create a sound when you breathe. An example would be to mentally vibrate the sound YES when you inhale, and NO when you exhale. This is a lot more sophisticated than you might imagine. You could even imagine that each inhale also draws in good energy. Each exhale is a chance to get rid of what you do not need. Consciously breathing like this can be very healing. 3.  Breath in, to a count of 4, hold the breath to a count of 16 and exhale to a count of 2. You decide the pace, but keep the ratio steady and even. Over time, you will be able to maintain the rhythm without counting. Why not choose one meditation and start today. You could make an experience to change your life. Wishing and hope weaken the will. To excel in life you need a combination of commitment, devotion, sacrifice, discipline, and effort. Make the choice for your life and receive the benefits. It is the law of cause and effect.

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