Was talking with a woman who works in a children’s toy store. She told me of not letting her son, age 5, have toy guns or even a toy water pistol. “Too violent and aggressive,” she said. She was clear, intelligent, sensitive, and of strong conviction. We spoke a bit about letting her son make his own choices and then he will learn through the consequences of those choices. She added when her son and her husband play rough, she has to turn away as it is too much for her to watch. Then she dropped the big one. She mentioned that growing up, her father did not allow her to have a barbie doll. When she was age 10, she bought one for herself. When her father found out he was angry and expressed intense disapproval. She could admit her own attitude towards her son was influenced by these experiences with her father. “But, it is hard to change our attitudes.” She said. I suggested this was only a mantra that if you repeat it enough, seems true. She lit up and said, “AH, so if I say to myself, I am open to change, then it will change.” I congratulated her on getting the idea so quickly.

Do you believe a thought can change your life? Of course, you do. So this brings up the real question. Are you ready for that change? If yes, then create the new thought now. If you are not ready, then you could introduce the question, “What would it take for me to be ready for a change?” This simple inquiry can have a huge impact.

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