Do you dare to discover the longing of your heart? Can you live with joy? Can you live with pain? Can you dance with wildness? Can you see beauty every day? Can you live with failure? Will you do what is needed for the children? Do you enjoy your own company when you are alone?

These are a few of the profound questions asked by the Indian Elder’s words. In this one-page essay/prayer/teaching, you can feel, understand, and decide on a life worth living. The words and questions are profound, clear, and expansive. Are you ready to be bigger than you have allowed? To be braver? To be of greater service? To experience profound joy?

I have used this prayer for many years and still find its message to be uplifting, healing, and a great reminder of my possibilities for living. You can download a copy for your own use. There is both an English and a German version.

Helpful instructions: To get the full benefit, read the prayer out loud, and repeat for 2-3 weeks or longer. In a journal, write down each day the words that most inspired or challenged you that day. Just one line each day. Don’t think about all this too much. The power is in the process and the depth of the experience. Remember to ‘feel’ the emotion when you write down your journal entry.


English pdf

German pdf

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