Similar to our search when we decided to leave Heidelberg, we began looking at lots and lots of places in the area around Heppenheim. A few we both liked, but we were not selected. A few were offered the new home, but something about it was not welcoming. We both wanted to feel like it was our new home. To push the need for a new house we gave our three-month notice to the current landlord. The clock was ticking and we started to get nervous.

We then discovered this ‘other’ area of Heppenheim, called Ober-Hambach. We liked the abundance of trees and the sparsely scattered houses. We found a place we both liked and informed the landlord. He had to fill out these thirty-page financial forms. We knew our credit was good, but the effort was extreme. We waited for the call. It did not come. We were told the apartment was given to another couple. This was not one of those patterns that repeat. That house was gone and we were running out of time.

We then went to see some apartments at the Wohnpark, the former Odenwaldschule. Some apartments had steep roof lines which made it difficult to even put a closet in the room. Others were too small for our needs. But we liked the project, the area and the general feel of the houses. After a few trips to look at more apartments, I asked the rental manger until they had renovated an apartment for our needs, did they gave a temporary place we might rent. We explained we had to leave our current home by the end of the month.

They were very relaxed and kind and had a few options they presented. One place Amanjot and I went to we thought was okay.  A few days later they called and said we could rent this apartment and they would get it ready in one week. They would empty, clean, and add a little paint. We signed the contract, got the keys, and got our first look at our new home for more than two minutes. Since we had quickly seen it, our memory was not so accurate. It was bigger than we remembered.

We quickly arranged with a moving company and began switching our internet service and canceling contracts we would not need any longer, and all the change of address business, especially with the city. These things must be properly done. It was a wild time since we only signed the contract for our new home ten days before we had to move out of our old home.

Ober-Hambach and the Odenwaldschule have welcomed us in many ways. We keep meeting new people in the area, some with great dogs, some with wonderful horses, and some just people. We feel a strong connection to this area and want to stay in this little village.

Photo: Our home in the 110 years old Goethe Haus. Our apartment is in the middle with the terrace.

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