Around 2010 Amanjot and I began looking for a new home. Together we must have looked at more than fifty possible places. We had the areas where we ‘thought’ we wanted to move to. After more than five years, we did not ‘find’ the home we could both agree to move to. In a final act of surrender, we increased the range of our search. An interesting home revealed itself in Heppenheim. It was an area that neither of us knew.

It was a completely new way of thinking about where to live and how to manage our work. We went for a tour of the house, loved the views and quiet setting. Then we went down to the granny flat. Amanjot lit up in joy. She could already see how this could convert to a small yoga studio. The next day we told the rental agent we wanted the house. He said the owner would need to meet with us and discuss the requirements including the money stuff. After this meeting, they told us we were now one of the five couples who wanted the house and they would call in a few days.

They did not call for five days. Remembering the experience in Heidelberg, I called the rental agent to ask if they had decided. Stephen informed me they tried to call Amanjot, did not reach her, left a message. But she did not respond for three days, so they gave the house to another couple. I asked why they did not try calling my number, or send either of us an email. He just said, he was sorry, but could not do anything as the decision was made. To add to the frustration, we discovered Amanjot’s phone service was the reason we did not get the call or a message.

Amanjot and I were in shock. They called us and we did not get the message. How could this happen? They choose us and we felt it was our house. That night we cried, felt confused, and let it go. We needed to move on.

About five days later, Stephan called and said the other couple changed their minds and the house was now available for us if we still wanted it. Shock again. Lots of deep breathing. That night we drove to the house in Heppenheim, got out, and stood in front of the house looking up at the sky. It felt like we were standing in front of our house. It felt inviting. It felt like our new home. In the morning we told Stephan we still wanted the house. 

For five years we had wonderful views, lots of calm, lovely forests to walk in, and a yoga studio for weekly classes, healing sessions, and more. Then it was time to get more into the forest.

photos taken from the winter garden.

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