What do I mean by ‘receiving a home’? It is not the same as finding a home, building a home, or any other action we might take to get a home. It is about allowing the universe to deliver what is needed, when it is needed, with all the bonuses to have it feel like a wonderful gift. This has happened to me many times in my life and with many other things besides homes. Here are the last three places I have lived and how these wonderful homes were given to me. And more importantly, I was able to receive the gifts.

Around 2001, I was looking for a new apartment in Heidelberg. My partner at the time and I were looking in the Neunheim area. We eventually found a place we both liked and only slightly higher than our budget. After seeing this excellent apartment on Schröderstr. we told the rental agent we would take the apartment. His relaxed reply was he would put us on the list of interested people. He said he would decide over the weekend and call one of the seven people on the list.

Over the weekend, I had a vision where I saw myself standing on the balcony of this new apartment and thinking, this is my garden. It was a very strong sensation I was looking at my garden. I could feel this in my whole body and found the experience very convincing. With this powerful experience, I was ready for the call.

Monday came and went with no call. I asked Gabriele if we should call. She said that in Germany if they do not call, you did not get the apartment. Tuesday came and went with no call. On Wednesday when no call came, I decided to call the rental agent, Mr. Frank. After all, I am not Germany so the German beliefs may not apply to me. Mr. Frank answered on the first ring. He said the apartment is free and we can have it if we want it. We met the next day, got the keys. He agreed to not start the rent for three weeks since we were off in two days to Krete for holiday.

I ended up living in that apartment longer than any place I have ever lived in my life. It was a few blocks from the river, and close to shops, dining, and the Heiliegberg. And it was a great garden.

both photos were taken from the balcony where I had my vision

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