The Magdalena Oracle has 45 beautiful hand-drawn cards. A small book has a description for each card. It was a gift from a student many years ago. Something like a tarot deck but for me, much better as I had a strange experience with a tarot deck and swore not to use one again.

After a four year break from my last relationship, I was feeling ready to invite someone into my life again. I decided to consult the oracle. The oracle works best if you ask an inner question, then choose a card at random and read the description to better understand what your subconscious mind is trying to say. I picked the card Sacred Sexuality. Hummm I thought.

The description for Sacred Sexuality spoke of sexual energy being the greatest creative force on the planet. It went on to talk about the merging of two souls spiritually and physically. It finished with the suggestion I would soon experience a most profound sense of love and bliss and this will have a powerful effect on my life. Interesting but it seemed too grand for my needs, so I decided to pick another card. I shuffled the cards three times and to my surprise picked the same card. That is more interesting. I decided to meditate on whether I believed what it was telling me.

A few days later I got quiet inside and from the depth of my self, asked the oracle the same question. Amazingly I got the same card. That was impossible yet significant since in spiritual texts it mentions the importance of things arriving in threes. Picking the same card three times was something I could not ignore.

A week later I was sure I could break this link to this powerful card. Once again, I shuffled the cards carefully and still, I picked the same card. I needed to prove to myself this was not happening so one week later, convinced I could finally pick another card I tried again. I picked a card from the oracle and picked the same card. Five times in a row is statistically next to impossible, but it happened. I was now convinced something was coming and it would be good to be ready. But how? I was both excited and a nervous at the thought of the Sacred Sexuality as described was actually manifesting in my life.

About a week later I was at an organization meeting in our new yoga center. Someone on the team had invited teachers from different yoga styles from the nearby towns. After we had formed a circle, a woman and man walked in. She was one of the yoga teachers who had been invited. As I looked up, the thought went through my mind, “that is my woman.” For many reasons, this was a strange thought. At the very least, we have never met. But for a few moments, the feelings inside me said, “this was my woman”. For the reader, I want to make clear, I did not mean ‘my woman’ as if I possessed her. No, to me it meant, she was the woman who the oracle had foretold and everything had been organized by a power higher than me. After she introduced herself, she then introduced the man she came with as her partner. Ugh! How can that be? How can my woman have another man? Okay, Gurumarka, keep relaxed and focus on the meeting.

I don’t remember the details, but about a year and a half later, we got together and it has now been twelve years we have been a couple. Occasionally she and I still use the oracle deck with mixed results. It can be very useful, but nothing quite as profound has happened since I got the same card five times.

Can a bunch of cards really foretell the future? Of course not. But they can reveal the hidden longing within our subconscious mind. These thoughts beyond our conscious awareness can attract a matching frequency in the world. This is not limited to an oracle deck. In many cultures, similar tools have been used for centuries. One example is the I Ching originating in China more than 2000 years ago. In the story, ‘The Man in the HIghtower’, the author does an good job of explaining how the I Ching works in a practical way. You could also watch the documentary, ‘The Secret’, which gives clear examples of how the law of attraction works.

So dear reader, what to do now? I believe the answers we seek are always within us. And the abundance of this world can deliver anything we need. It does require some focus, some awareness, some trust and sometimes, a little help to better understand the inner workings of our own mind.

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