After the wedding, I had a visit from my parents who flew from Miami to visit me in Boston before I left for Europe. They were excited and offered some support. I accepted a new scanner to help create a teacher training book, Yogi’s World. My time with my parents ended and I went to the last place, Cape Cod. This interesting part of Massachusetts looks like a bent finger sticking out into the Atlantic Ocean. I ended up in the small town of South Yarmouth.

I was invited to Cape Cod by my friend Mitch who lived and worked there. Mitch was one of the most heart-centered people I have ever known. Given the emotional confrontations he experienced growing up, this was quite amazing. He helped me to find an apartment to live in and to help him in his business for the next three months to earn some extra money. Winter was pretty quiet in Cape Cod, except for the huge amount of snow that year. The most recorded in twenty years. There was so much snow, they ran out of places to move it off the roads making driving around almost impossible.

It was here I did some teaching in a local fitness studio and some yoga workshops. But my most important project was creating Yogi’s World. It was a collection of what I had saved over the last twenty years. This included yoga sets that had only been published in a quarterly newsletter and notes from classes Yogi Bhajan taught that had not been published yet. I also had collections of teachings, classes, quotes, recipes, cartoons, and more. This was the teacher training book I used in my courses for many years until the Aquarian Teacher Manual was finally completed. About a third of the material appeared in the new manual, so I removed the duplicate pages. We still give all new students in the teacher training a copy of the reduced but still great Yogi’s World.

Much of my adventures on Cape Cod are in another blog.

Cape Cod is an interesting place with; traffic circles, also known as round-a-bouts; a leader in cranberry bogs; home of the Kennedy family (president John F. Kennedy’s grandfather); a world-famous marine center called Ocean Woods; near to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket islands; and being surrounded almost completely by water.

Yogi’s World and I were now ready to travel to Europe. I do not remember going to the airport in Boston and flying to Frankfurt. I do remember the airline had lost my bag. It did arrive a few days later. Helga was my host who took me to her home in Friedberg. The house was an old mill with the water still flowing along the side of the structure. Her apartment was five floors up at the top of the old building. An art gallery occupied the bottom floor and had an unusual collection of art. One odd thing was the construction of the steps from the ground floor up one flight. Each step was rebuild so not one step was level. They tilted in every direction. It became a special experience to walk up the steps.

I would take the train to Frankfurt, about twenty minutes away to do some shopping, sightseeing, and wandering around. About a month later, I was given a very small place to live in the heart of Frankfurt. This blog post link has the details.

My life in Frankfurt consisted of traveling and teaching every week. Most places were short train rides in Germany. I was busy and enormously grateful for all I had been given. It was easy to adjust to being in Europe. It is not that I disliked America, Europe felt more like home.

It is said the only constant in life is ‘change’. It is also known that change is the greatest source of stress. Our task is to not just tolerate change but to welcome each new shift in our lives. Fortunately, I learned to be better prepared for change through the science of Kundalini Yoga. The more I learned to be relaxed, the more good things happen. The more I developed a meditative mind, the more I was guided towards a better life. This leads to living one’s destiny.

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