Excellence Report

Harry Potter’s favorite word is brilliant; Yogi Bhajan taught the importance of developing caliber; the Pope is called His Eminence; we desire to live our talent; we know what Wiley E. Coyote wants to accomplish; companies proclaim their products have quality; our destiny calls for our greatness; the ultimate goal is mastery. Brilliant, caliber, eminence, talent, accomplishment, quality, greatness, and mastery, share a common link with the word ‘excellence’. 

Every aspect of a worthy life is filled with excellence. Excellence requires the full participation of your heart and your head working together. A life without excellence will always feel unfulfilled. We know we have a task to perform, but we do not get the job done. This gap between our potential (destiny) and the reality of our lives, is the cause of most of our suffering.

A child lives in alignment with spirit until they learn limiting beliefs. Many of these beliefs include fear. Fear stops us from receiving all we need to be great and do great things and eventually, to inspire others towards greatness. Fear cannot stop us when we make excellence an ally. With courage, energy, commitment, and excellence, we are guaranteed a successful life.
To paraphrase a well-known quote, “I wished for a life of joy and discovered that life was service. I served and experienced joy.” 

in service, humility, light, and truth, 
Gurumarka Singh Khalsa
Heppenheim, Germany
13 December 2016
(revised 12 Sept. 2020)

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