This popular drink is a great boost since ginger is one of the known superfoods for health. Making this fresh is best. You need a good juicer, a lot of fresh ginger, apples, and lemons. Optional turmeric root can be added, but this turns your juicer yellow. The formula is simple. By volume, the apple juice is 65%, ginger 25%, and 10% lemon juice. You can store it in the fridge for 3-4 days. The ratio can vary depending on your taste. A shot glass makes a fun way to drink this powerful healing mixture. Best to have one glass first thing in the morning.

Sounds like too much work? Good news, ginger shots are now available in various stores and even online in regular and bio quality. You need to read the labels to make sure no sugar is added and the ginger is fresh, not an extract. One version can be found in Rewe near where the fresh juices are stored. Quite tasty and potent. A company called Bangs also offers ginger shots, they add some orange juice for a slightly different taste. These can be ordered through Amazon and are made in Denmark. My current favorite which I get at Alnatura is made by Voelkel. This large bottle is good for 6 shots and has a long shelf life. This makes it easy to store and travel with.

You can read all about the amazing properties of fresh ginger on the internet. Get inspired and make a ginger shot part of your daily routine. NOTE: I have no connection with any of these companies. This review is based on my personal experience just going about in the world.


Yogi Bhajan often spoke about the benefits of Yogi Tea. He said if you drink it daily, you will not get sick. I don’t know if this included the virus now circling the earth, but the combination of spices is known to have healing properties. One can simply buy tea bags or bulk tea to make, but the greatest healing comes from using fresh ingredients. Here are the basic instructions for making about two liters of tea.

  • Bring 2.5 liters of healthy water to a boil.
  • When boiling, add all the following ingredients. 
  • 8 thin slices of fresh ginger root. leave the skin on if bio/organic quality
  • 12 cloves
  • 16 green cardamom pods, cracked. the flat part of a knife works fine for the cracking
  • 16 black peppercorns
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  • Cover the pot and let simmer for 15-20 minutes.
  • Options: 4 black tea bags, milk or milk substitute, sweetener.
  • Bonus: put the extra yogi tea without any options in the fridge. In the morning sip the cold tea. This helps to restore your liver. Sip means taking short sips.

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