A lot! I must admit I really do not like the taste of ginger very much. If I came across a large piece in curry, I would avoid it. And although most of my yogi friends enjoy a nice cup of ginger tea, you will not find me drinking ginger tea. So it was a curious step that I was drawn to a recipe called, Ginger Toast, which is made only with fresh root.

The original recipe which came from the teachings given by Yogi Bhajan said this food was an excellent way to heal a persistent cough that is stuck in the bronchial area. With this claim, I was motivated to give it a try. It seemed to work. I was relieved and delighted to discover some of the other benefits. I have since seen ginger on a shortlist of superfoods. Research shows it really is a superfood since ginger acts as a natural cure against many types of bacteria. For instance, if you slice a very thin piece of ginger and place it between your gum and the sore tooth, it takes the pain away in the majority of cases acting as a natural antibiotic. Ginger also has a strong warming effect, making it an excellent tea for cold days as well as when you feel a cold coming on. Another bonus is the very special and wonderful smell when cooked as described in the recipe below.

Over the years I have developed some creative versions of the original recipe. They all share the healing properties of ginger. Suggest you start with the basic recipe and then try some of the more creative versions.

To make successful ginger toast does require a very large amount of ginger.  For this reason, I suggest you use large root biological (organic) ginger.  This will reduce the time and waste to peel the ginger, and makes it easier to cut into small pieces. I prefer the small pieces since I really do not like the taste of ginger, very much. I do like the effect of eating ginger.

Basic Ginger Toast Recipe: (for 2 medium sizes pieces of bread)

  • 70g fresh bio ginger
  • 2-3 teaspoons of ghee (great to self make)
  • 1-2 teaspoons of turmeric powder (another superfood)
  • a very small pinch of salt
  • 1-2 slices of bread to be toasted
  • yogurt – self-made is best
  • options: lettuce, tomato, tofu, tempeh, fried egg, cooked veggies

Melt the ghee in a good non-stick pan/skillet on medium to med-high heat. Mix in the turmeric. Add the pinch of salt. This is the only recipe that I use salt since it is the original recipe. Add the chopped fresh ginger in small pieces and sauté in the ghee and turmeric. Be careful to not let the ginger get overcooked and become crispy or burnt. I find it easier to add the turmeric first, then the ginger to get a proper mix of ingredients. Cook until tender. You will begin to recognize a wonderful smell in the combination of ghee, turmeric, and ginger. It can be very intoxicating.

Any bread that is toasted will work, but a simple roll cut in half seems to work best. In our kitchen, we experimented with different kinds of bread. We found rolls that were not hard and not too soft, made the best ginger toast. If the bread is too thin, the turmeric can soak through. The yellow stain is not harmful but might take a few days to completely remove. Eat with yogurt, homemade is recommended. Put a big piece of lettuce on top to help keep your fingers from turning yellow.

When using this recipe to get rid of a cough, a minimum of three days is recommended. However since this recipe also works to strengthen the spinal center and all the nerves, it can be used anytime as a tonic and general health boost. As a nice side effect, the ginger toast helps eliminate any mild infections, increases energy, improves skin condition, aids digestion, and helps to keep your feet warm.  Remember, ginger toast is always eaten with yogurt.

Note: Turmeric turns everything yellow including your fingertips. This is unavoidable. A mild dishwashing soap will remove most. Be careful with the clothes you are wearing when preparing this recipe. The turmeric will wash out but can take many tries. Some people thought they were clever by rasping the ginger instead of cutting it into small pieces. This changes the consistency and the taste and probably the effect. I recommend you invest in a good knife and keep it sharp. It will produce the best ginger for making the best ginger toast.

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